Victorycoon Uldis

Victorycoon Uldis, affectonatly called Victor, was acquired from the European breeder Victorycoon in March 2019. His sire, Mainelynx Mousetrap, is a beautiful blue smoke. His dam, Victorycoon Grace, is a lovely black smoke Torti.

Registered with TICA, CFA, WCF

DNA testing done:    HCM - N/N      SMA - N/N      PK - N/N      PK Def - N/N    

Cardio scan - 2/20/2020  Heart Normal - click HERE to view results

Hip scan - no sign of hip dysplasia.  x-rays taken 1/9/2020

Color - red smoke (ds)

Carries one copy of dilute

Does not carry agouti (tabby)

   He is producing great size, personality and type.