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Tekila iz Doma Yahontoff
Sire: ICE Cream Dom Sapfiroff    Dam: Karamel Sanatacun
Purchased from the breeder Natalya Kuryanova
Color on pedigree: FY 22 (golden torbie classic)
DNA test results:  All N/N Click here to see results
Echocardiogram - Nomal
X-Rays and written report for hip dysplasia - normal

Tekila was purchased for our breeding program because of her unusual color and beautiful type. Although Tekila is not truly golden, her wonderful personality and unusual red dominate torti color is a welcome addition to our cat family.
I have been working on breeding the golden color with my Maine Coons.  Golden color is simply the wide band gene which creates the shaded and shell colors, with out the silver modifying gene.  


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